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Alex Murphy – Marketing

I joined Weetabix in September 2014 following previous successful stints at Mars Incorporated and Walgreens Boots.

I work within the marketing function as a senior brand manager and am currently the senior brand manager for Alpen, a famous and well renowned cereal brand, bought by over 4m households in the UK every year. As a senior brand manager my main responsibility is to use our deep rooted understanding of what people want for breakfast and how this is changing over time, creating initiatives for Alpen, both for today and for in the future, that allow us to best meet what people want. In this role you are shaping the future of the brand you are working on and what direction it will go in and that for me is super exciting. What’s even more exciting is seeing the initiatives land and getting the great feedback from people who have got excited by your latest initiatives and have bought into the brand, some maybe for the very first time!

I like Weetabix because I think it is a perfect size of business – it’s big enough to have scale and all the benefits that brings (big brands, big budgets, lots of great people to learn from & varied longer term career opportunities) but is small enough to ensure you truly feel valued (lots of trust in you, lots of personable responsibility, faster decision making, good personal benefits, one supportive family feel). It is also a business that looks to continually improve meaning it is constantly evolving its processes, its working methods and its thinking which makes it a very dynamic and interesting place to work and that continuous improvement mentality is something that I have also believed in and buy into.

Coming to Weetabix has broadened my learning and development in my role.

Since joining I have been involved in several TV production projects which have further broadened my experience of this, I have been involved in a strategic re-positioning of a brand and I have been more involved in the supply chain process, all of which have helped me improve my job skills. I feel these opportunities have come about because you are given a higher level of responsibility in your role at Weetabix versus other FMCG businesses. The benefits haven’t just been in the day job, I also feel like I have had the opportunity to develop personally.

Since joining I have taken part in several training courses, most notably a ‘senior leadership skills course’ which has massively helped me in terms of how I approach certain aspects of my job and how I engage with other people. I have also learned to adapt quickly – given the fast paced nature of the company I believe I am better at thinking on my feet more which is something that has helped me outside of work too.

To be successful at Weetabix I think you have to be someone who:

  • Is a ‘player’ not a ‘passenger’
  • Is very results driven
  • Is adaptable and enjoys fast paced work and fluid change

In my experience there is always another thing you can spend your time doing if you set your mind to it. The real skill is to be able to judge what tasks are going to truly move the business forwards and what tasks won’t ultimately move the business forwards and spend your time doing the things that really matter for the business so you can generate great results and ultimately make an impact in your job. I’d like to say I do this perfectly but unfortunately there are still moments in my week where I recognise that I’ve gone off track and have to correct myself – it’s definitely an area of me to keep focusing on to improve further over the next year!