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Fran Davies

Francesca Theokli – Category

I joined Weetabix in 2008 as the Senior Brand Manager on Alpen, left the marketing team as Head of Brand for Weetabix in 2014.

Currently heading up the category function within the commercial team as Group Head of Category.

Essentially our role is to steer both our retailer partners and the Weetabix Food Company to create mutual growth in those the categories where we operate. Put simply, if you imagine the cereal category is a cake, we need to grow the cake and gain the Weetabix Food Company a bigger slice of it!

I love working here because I get to spend time with bright, fun and ambitious people, where you are given the opportunity to make a difference by working on brands and a category that people love

Since joining Weetabix, I’ve consistently had the support and counsel of some exceptional people, resulting in the right challenge and support to keep pushing my career forward. I’ve been coached and mentored around leadership and functional capability development in areas like marketing and commercial. I genuinely believe the Weetabix Food Company has spent the time to listen and respond to my career goals and dreams and I feel very thankful for that!

My top three things for being a success here at Weetabix are: Humility, a sense of fun and an unwavering sense of purpose to win!

What’s your single biggest tip for being productive at work? Remain laser focussed on the big stuff and cut-through the interference!