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Gary Mobbs

Gary Mobbs – Health & Safety

I’m the Health & Safety Manager, having joined in 1993. I Joined Weetabix as I wanted to secure the opportunity to develop a career within a blue chip company...

and I was aware, being local, that Weetabix offered opportunities to hard working individuals, above all though I knew Weetabix was honest and fair.

I’m focussed on maintaining legal compliance and preventing people getting injured within the business is my priority, other areas of focus are building an ethos of ownership to ensure we enable the progress of safety systems and process.

People are our greatest asset and should be the key to our success, all employees are different and I believe the skill of ensuring we search every avenue to provide the opportunity to allow them to grow is fundamental to the team and Weetabix’s success

I arrived in 1993 as a Hygiene Operative and being given the chance to attend a number of development programs created a pathway to first supervision and then management. Investment in me has been too much to list but a number of H & S qualifications have been provided and are ongoing, environmental qualification have also been provided, I believe the most rewarding investments in me are around coaching and opportunities to share your knowledge and influence a pathway positively.

I think that for someone to be a success here at Weetabix they’ll need to be:

  • An energetic change agent
  • Able to adopt and promote Weetabix behaviours
  • Honest

My biggest tip for being productive: Your path can only be productive if people believe you have integrity, everyone wants to do the right thing at Weetabix, you just need to help everyone understand what part they can play in the journey.