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Wheat Field

Neil Clarke - Manufacturing

I joined Weetabix in 2013, having previously been a consultant with the business since 2011.I joined permanently, as I loved the culture.

Weetabix is a business where you can truly make a difference, you are given the opportunity to try new things, and where people really are key. My current role is Business Unit Operations Manager, which means I am responsible for the operation of 3 of our factories.

I lead teams across 3 branded factories. I am accountable for manufacturing product inside the budget, and continuously improving our people and processes. Day-to-day, I manage factory performance through Key Performance Indicators, check in with my factory leadership teams offering my support where it is required, work on multiple cross-functional business projects, and establishing what best practice looks like across our factories on the journey to World Class.

It’s a cliché, but every day here is truly different. The business is small enough for you to find yourself involved in lots of things outside of your normal day job, which I really enjoy.

When I joined I was responsible for 2 factories. That has now grown to 3 factories, and I now get much more involved in business-wide projects. I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team, through which I have received many leadership development opportunities – and currently sponsor the creation of the Weetabix Apprenticeship Programme, something I am passionate about.

I have undertaken many training interventions for Performance Through People (our World Class Manufacturing Programme), and am in the process of studying my Prince 2 Project Management qualification, as well as my Insights Discovery Accreditation.

My top three tips for being a success at Weetabix are:

  • The desire to “give things a go” and try new innovative ways to get the job done
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility

What’s your single biggest tip for being productive at work?

“Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good” – aim to try something different every day, and you’ll find that lots of those improvement ideas actually make a fundamental difference to you personally and to the business.