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Paul Mobbs – IT

I joined Weetabix just over a year ago, in January 2015. One of my primary reasons for joining Weetabix was the sheer scale of opportunity that existed here...

Even over a year later and having achieved some massive advances for Weetabix, I’m still overwhelmed by the opportunity that exists.

My title is Solutions Architect and Development Manager. In essence I’m responsible for ensuring that all new IT solutions conform to agreed standards, are fit for purpose, and meet the expectations of the business, along with managing our internal Development Team who in turn produce critical Management Information and Business Intelligence data for the business.

Other than the constant smell of breakfast cereals in the air, I love the open and friendly atmosphere within Weetabix. Everybody from across the organisation is engaging and only too happy to help you. The people at Weetabix absolutely make it an incredibly enjoyable place to work.

Since starting at Weetabix I’ve presented at Cisco Live! In Berlin to talk about the rapid and exciting developments we’ve made with our technology here, Weetabix fully supported me in attending this event, and allow me to continually progress my personal development.

To succeed at Weetabix you need to be energetic, passionate, and driven.

The pace of change within the business is rapid, but the desire to improve is even stronger. To succeed you therefore need to have the energy to continually adapt, as well as challenge anything you feel can be improved. You have to be passionate about your role and responsibilities, as well as passion for the wider business. And finally you have to be driven to challenge yourself and those around you each and every day.

My biggest tip for being productive of work is, of course, to make sure you start the day with a good breakfast! Otherwise, stop working! You only work effectively in blocks of around an hour, after that time make sure you take a break, get up and walk around, talk to people, grab some water, after 5-10 minutes you’ll be refreshed and able to work far more productively again, and see work with fresh eyes. These breaks are a great opportunity to catch up with people you may not usually get the time to talk to, and can open some great opportunities outside of your regular team of colleagues.