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R Tara

Ravi Tara – Finance

I Joined Weetabix in January 2009 as Head of Strategy and Business Development and then in mid 2013 I took on the role of Head of Finance for Weetabix Limited.

My role as Head of Finance is to lead the Finance function for Weetabix Limited focussing on the UK, Ireland and over 80 countries across the world to which we send products. This covers a significant percentage of the group so is a real sizeable business which gives rises to many and varied challenges. I lead the largest support function in the business and we provide financial information, insight and challenge to performance across the entire organisation.

I see myself as part of two teams. The first is as part of the Finance team which is a great team to be part of. The team is mixed and diverse in every way – age, experience, background, and ways of thinking and there is a great mix of complimentary styles, thoughts and ideas which adds to the experience of working at the Weetabix Food Company. Secondly as part of the wider Weetabix Food Company team which covers different functions and spans the entire organisation from Production through to IT.

The team at Weetabix are extremely talented and ambitious and it is great to be working with such like minded individuals.

We have a common vision and ambition for the organisation and work together to achieve this. There is great teamwork and people are both able and willing to assist their colleagues.

Weetabix Food Company is a great company with a track record of success. Success breeds future success and we benefit from being in that position. We have some great and ambitious growth plans for the future and are committed to achieving this and most definitely will. We have a new leadership team with great experience and ambition and all of the new people we are recruiting to the business are of high talent and add to the skill base of the organisation and provide additional strength to the team.

The company is constantly evolving and regularly provides a new challenge or opportunity to get involved in something new. The flat structure of the organisation also means that the individual can make a real impact and interact with a diverse team and gain some great experiences.

To be successful at Weetabix I think you need 3 things: Ambition, Drive and Personality. Ambition - to be successful in everything you do. We want to be world class in every way. Drive – to succeed, to make things happen and to provide the energy to take colleagues along with you and Personality – you must have your own way of doing things rather than follow what others have done or do. You must be able to get along with a wide variety of colleagues both internally and externally to be successful and it is also always great to have some personalities to work with!

My biggest tip for productivity has to be base around Great Nutrition and proper rest. These seem obvious but only in recent times have I realised the necessity of both these things to being ultra-productive at work; previously I undervalued rest and sleep but these really allow one to feel energised and focussed on what is ahead of them during the working day and week. Nutrition and good nutritional therefore becomes the energy fuel and allows one to stay on top of their game through the working day without the peaks and trough’s that many people experience. The benefit of working at Weetabix is that great nutritional products surround you throughout the day!