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Stuart Webb - Manufacturing

I joined Weetabix in October 2011 as a manufacturing team leader and after nearly 3 years in this role, I moved into the role of business unit manufacturing manager in August 2014.

The whole team here at Weetabix really cares about our brands and consumers. All the different functions complement each other and this ‘one team’ ethic means everyone is pulling in the same direction to ensure that we are the best we can be. I can honestly say that this is the best team I have ever worked with. Weetabix really is a great place to work. A big plus for me personally, is the collaboration I have with the different departments – the support I get helps me drive improvement and deliver result. Again this is unrivalled compared to previous companies I have worked for.

To be successful at Weetabix you need to be able to challenge the status quo and be a strong believer in change. Also you need to be agile and malleable in your approach.

If I was to give a tip for being productive at work it would be good old fashioned list making. List making is a powerful tool to enable you to direct your energy to drive productivity at work. When you have your list, make sure it is properly prioritized from the most urgent to what can wait till tomorrow. This means you are working on the important things at the right time.