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Volker Niemann - International

Working with some global FMCG companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle for many years Weetabix approached me with the challenge of taking the German and Austrian business over from the previous distributor in Germany. Part of this role was establishing Weetabix GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Weetabix Limited, with a direct route to market contracting retailers. I joined Weetabix in December 2003. Looking at Weetabix back then I immediately realised the unique proposition as well as the companies strategies were supporting long term growth nicely linking to changing consumption habits and a more healthy lifestyle of consumers around the globe.

In the position of General Manager for Central and Eastern European markets I am responsible for business planning and market development in territory. Analysing market trends, defining and executing the right strategies by market as well as full financial accountability are part of the job. My territory stretches from France to Russia I am therefore traveling a lot. I do enjoy working with both distributors and retailers. My strong believe is we as a company can only win when working closely together and respecting local consumers and business partners values.

Think global - Act local is a basic principle in day to day routine.

The company allows a great deal of individuality going along with a challenging goal set to bring Weetabix products into twice as many homes. Taking initiative, embracing change, the challenge and build culture for driving high performance are the most motivating factors to myself.

Joining Weetabix my task was to growth Germany and Austria, recruiting employees to serve our customers. Since than I have been taking over more and more markets with my responsibility now stretching from France to Russia, from Iceland to Turkmenistan. Apart from the excellent company training program learning in the job is the best opportunity to develop by gaining knowledge through listen and learn, and respect cultural values.

Business is 50% driven by an excellent product portfolio, I think we can tick that one clearly. The other second half is the individual person willing to move the own comfort zone levels. We have one goal and only two jobs here at Weetabix. You either sell or you help to sell.

My biggest motivation is growing the business in every single market I am responsible for.