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Weetabix Corp Wheat Field

Behind the nation's favourite breakfast company

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Britain's breakfast icon

We've come a long way since the first box of Weetabix left our Burton Latimer mill way back in 1932. For the last eight decades we've been nourishing the nation with a family of brands that includes: Weetabix, Alpen, Weetabix On The Go drinks, Oatibix, Ready brek, Weetos, and Alpen Cereal Bars.

Today, we are the UK's number one selling, most trusted and most recommended cereal, responding to the changing needs of our consumers.

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Great starts go global

Our Northamptonshire mills currently export to over 80 countries around the world. While we may employ around 1,800 staff members internationally – and have manufacturing plants as far away as in North America – all of the wheat that goes into our Weetabix biscuit is grown within 50 miles of our Burton Latimer home.
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International ownership

A family owned business until 2003, Weetabix Food Company is now majority owned by Bright Food (Group) Co. Ltd. One of the largest Chinese international conglomerates in the entire food industry – Bright Food have operations in agriculture, food processing and retail, among others. Their sugar, dairy, wine and retail businesses are considered to be market-leaders.
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A partnership for growth

Remaining shares belong to Baring Private Equity Asia. Established in 1997, and investors in Weetabix since 2015, they are one of Asia's largest and most established independent private equity firms. With 110 employees across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo offices – Baring are key to growth in existing markets, China and internationally.

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